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The Perils of Inflation

Mark Jeftovic
By Mark Jeftovic / September 17, 2010

Just received word that former Industry and Foreign Affairs Minister in Canada, Maxime Bernier will give a series of talks on the pernicious nature of inflation:

Maxime Bernier will argue that inflation is a hidden tax that depreciates the value of our money and redistributes wealth. Although it is generally believed that price inflation has been under control in Canada and other Western countries in the past decades, total inflation nevertheless adds up to 45% since 1990. The fundamental cause of price inflation is that central banks continually increase the money supply. The swings in monetary policy also distort financial decisions and are a primary cause of the economic crises that regularly hit our economies. A debate about the negative impact of inflation is overdue in Canada, as the Bank of Canada is reviewing its 2% inflation target policy. Join us for a session with one of Canada’s most thoughtful political and economic thinkers.

For details on his lectures, see

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