Mark M. Rostenko: From Sovereign Strategist to Call of the Wilderness

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A Wealth.net Exclusive:

In the early 2000’s Mark M. Rostenko seemingly had it all: nearly 20 years trading experience in the rough-n-tumble world of Chicago commodities exchange, and a rapidly growing financial advisory newsletter called The Sovereign Strategist. He was making extremely prescient calls about various overall markets and then zeroing in on individual trades with laser-like precision.  With a rapidly growing audience and word spreading fast, something suddenly changed whilst he was seemingly at the top of his game. One day he sent out an email to his subscribers simply stating that due to a personal matter involving his family he was shutting down the newsletter. He subsequently disappeared from the entire financial industry.

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3 responses to “Mark M. Rostenko: From Sovereign Strategist to Call of the Wilderness”

  1. Pat McCann says:

    Mark Rostenko is a freaking genius. Roaming the mountains of Colorado, he has been occasionally mistaken for Big Foot, but he continues to be one of the clearest thinkers on matters of living a life that you love.

  2. Paul says:

    I am one of those subscribers Mark wrote his farewell letter too. Once or twice a year, I google his name, hoping to find that he has resurfaced. This interview perfectly demonstrates what all of us who were reading his work in 2005 know. Thanks for the links to his blogs.

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