Preparing to Invest and Trade in 2011

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On Tuesday, January 4th Mike Swanson will be opening his WallStreetWindow service to new subscribers for the first time in nearly a year.

Mike is a contributor here at Wealth.net, I’ve been a long time subscriber of his service, and if you aren’t one yet, you should think about it.
Mike is not a “black box” that spits out stock-picks, if that’s what you’re looking for, you will probably be disappointed. This is where you learn the craft of consistently taking profits out of the market, and my favorite aspect: getting Mike’s outlook on the markets in general.

On Sunday (Jan 2nd, 2011), Mike Swanson will also be sending out is 2011 Year-In-Preview, if you sign up for the Wealth.net newsletter I will forward it along to you when I get my copy.

Then on Tuesday (the 4th) he’ll be opening the service to new subscribers, usually this lasts about a day. Then the slots fill up and then he shuts it down again. There will more details on signing up for the service in the 2011 preview I’ll be sending out on Sunday.

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