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Wealth.net Exclusive: Interview with John Mauldin

MJ: Let’s spend a few final minutes talking about [Endgame’s] The Millennium Wave concept. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and talking with not really “eco freaks” and tree huggers but with business people and CEOs and they are all kind of resonating with it and understanding that ‘something is in the air’. And it’s basically, I’ve heard different phrases for it, an “industrial revolution  2.0” or “new capitalism”, whatever.

It’s that there’s going to be a massive sort of reinvention in the way almost everything is done. Clean energy, waste reduction, radical materials efficiency, biotech, biomimicry, alternative energy, organic, non toxic living..all those kinds of things. I guess the sum total of that is that there’s a lot of restoration that has to happen not only in the world’s balance sheets and physical situation but even ecologically and of the way we live our life. And I see that the next revolution is business spearheading that. Is that anywhere close to what you’ve got in mind with what you call The Millennium Wave and what you were talking about at the end of Endgame?

JM: Basically in the late 70’s poverty was 18%, inflation was 15%, budgets were horrible, Japan was beating our brains up, the dollar was going down, unemployment was higher than we’re used to today. The answer to the question ‘where will the new jobs come from’ was ‘I don’t know, but they will’! And whole new industries were invented; the pc industry, the internet.. stuff came out of the blue.  And we also thought our artificial intelligence was going to be cool too, but it didn’t happen.

I think we’re gonna hit a new green industry. I think we will be growing our new energy supplies in 15 years. It will be something that we can’t even think about today. Brand new technologies that’s still in people’s garages and workshops. Biotech will be huge. I think we’re going to have to retool our cars. I’m going buy a car in September, it will be a big gas ‘something’.  I think is is gonna be my last combustion engine, 7 or 8 years from now I’m going to buy an electric car that will have as much power as my Chevey does today and it will be cheap.

MJ: Are you familiar with Amory Lovins at all? “Winning The Oil End Game” was his big presentation?

JM: No.

MJ: He’s talking about basically massive shifting into fuel cell hybrids like natural gas power fuel cells.

JM: That could happen.

MJ: And ultra light materials that can actually survive and impact much better than the current car can and massively improving the efficiency of cars (less energy to move the wheels as apparently you lose a lot of energy between the time you put gas in the tank and when the wheels see action).

JM: There’s gonna be a ton of new innovations that will make cars better. We’re going to have another telecom revolution.  As we get a cheap wireless broadband, there’s going to be a lot of jobs lost in cable. The ISPs and the internet will become the dominant driving things.

MJ: And there’s going be new phone companies.

JM: Yes, there will be cheap ubiquitous high speed broadband wifi available everywhere.

MJ: Where I  see some this going is that it is almost an all encompassing revolution: it’s fiscal, it’s financial, it’s economic and industrial …and informational.

JM: We’re gonna get in the US the fiscal problem solved, either by proactively dealing with it or we have a crisis and we’re forced to deal with it. But one way or another, we’re going to hit the reset button. And as we go through that process that will take years (it’s not a 6-months process, it’s a multiple-years process) we get through it. And we got all these technologies and we’re just starting to kick in. I think we’ll see an incredible run in the 2020’s  I mean it’ll be a bull market again in stocks and technology. It’ll be a fabulous t time to be alive!

MJ: Getting there is going to be tough.

JM: Oh, getting there is going to be a bitch!


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