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Infographic: The System of The World

Mark Jeftovic
By Mark Jeftovic / September 18, 2013

Off Camera

A myriad of “external threats” is maintained and negative propaganda about them is perpetually broadcast throughout The System’s communications grid in order to cultivate a sense of permanently imminent danger. Thus, surrendering basic freedoms and liberties for protection against these external threats is assumed to be a reasonable trade-off.

The Enemies are portrayed as evil incarnate and lurking everywhere. Their roster typically includes: terrorists, child pornographers, criminals and spies. (Also see: The Four Horsemen of the Infopocalypse  )


Are basically anybody The System initiates lethal force against who retaliates or even objects in any way.

Child pornographers

Are the ultimate bogeyman – nobody can make a rational argument for their legitimacy, so it makes a great catch-all label to portray anything The System doesn’t like as something that can enable child pornography (i.e. Bill C-30 in Canada, one of the most comprehensive internet surveillance bills ever tabled, was presented as “The Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act”).


Are another wide-ranging demographic which can be used to neutralize almost anything now, given that in many parts of the world (USA included) dissent has been criminalized.


Are a euphemism for whistleblowers. Any time somebody from behind the curtain steps out and unloads some dirty laundry on the masses, that person will be pursued for engaging in espionage. See: Jullian Assange, Edward Snowden.

Threats (not pictured)

As documented in detail by John Perkins in his personal capacity as an “Economic Hit Man”, threats to The System are either co-opted or neutralized, preferably in that order. It is easier, safer and a vindication whenever a threat to The System can be co-opted.


Change you can (only) believe in!

Change you can (only) believe in!



Guilty of egregious truth telling!

Guilty of egregious truth telling!

While the Internet seemed very threatening to The System when it exploded into public usage in the mid 90’s, recent revelations demonstrate that it is being actively co-opted into a surveillance apparatus that was heretofore undreamt of.

There are still pockets of privacy on the Internet and it can still be used by rebels and activists to create great disruption, but the balance is very much up fro grabs at this point.


About the author

Mark Jeftovic

Mark Jeftovic is the creator of Wealth.net, founder and CEO of Canadian domain registrar and DNS provider easyDNS.com and member of the indie rock sensations The Parkdale Hookers.

His personal blog is at markable.com

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