Money and Work Unchained by Charles Hugh Smith

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The current conventional-wisdom view of our soon-to-be future is rose-tinted: Automation will free millions of people from the drudgery of work, then by taxing the robots doing all the work, we can pay everyone universal basic income (UBI), enabling a life of leisure and artistic pursuit for all.

The result: a future of universal happiness.

But is this accurate? Is this what UBI is actually capable of doing? More importantly, is this what we want? And even more importantly: Will this “future” be our best future? Will it account for and manage the practicalities of work, money, and automation, given the limits of endless growth on a finite planet?

Money and Work Unchained drags the now-popular concept of universal basic income (UBI) from the shadows of pundit blather into a harsh, illuminating light, and in doing so presents an entirely new view of the future that upends our conventional understanding of work and money. This audiobook lays out a practical pathway that realigns work, money, and human fulfillment into a sustainable system that sheds the inequalities and injustices of the status quo in favor of a human-scale way of living.

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