Will You Be Richer or Poorer?: Profit, Power and A.I. in a Traumatized World

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Will you be richer or poorer? What does the future hold for you – and for the world?

Supposedly, we’re all getting richer, but many of us feel we’re becoming poorer. Why? One reason is our economy doesn’t even measure many kinds of wealth and ignores many costs. Clearly, clean air and water, good health, and civil liberties are valuable, but you won’t find these on any balance sheet.

Our system’s incentives are to maximize short-term financial profits, and everything else is treated as if it doesn’t exist.This audiobook tackles three critical questions:

  1. What if everything we don’t measure is worth more than financial wealth? Our obsession with financial capital is blinding us to a traumatizing global decline in other forms of wealth.
  2. Will artificial intelligence (AI) make us all richer? What if AI will only enrich the few who own the platforms and technology?
  3. Is our economic model dooming us? We’re told we all benefit as the super-rich get even richer, but what if the status quo only benefits those in power at the expense of everyone else – and our planet? Though we may not be politically powerful, we are far from powerless.

This audiobook will help you identify the things that truly matter and accumulate capital that benefits you and your family – and our planet.

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