Thematic next-wave portfolio constructor Motif goes bust

Motif trading platform, which claimed to use data driven methodologies to enable the creation of thematic and “next-wave” portfolios (translation: they grep 10Q’s for keywords) has rather abruptly shut  down.

Their own advisors heard about it via Twitter.

They also had developed some  “next generation thematic ETFs” like “human evolution reimagined” (SPTX), which were launched by Goldman Sachs.

Motif has vaporized raised 138M over 6 rounds.

Maybe for their closing act they could create an inverse ETF called “Reimagining Bear markets”, include every VC-powered fluff job that had no business being funded let alone publicly traded, add themselves and the rest of their “thematic ETFs” with a triple weighting, and then disappear into their own nequity.

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