John Maudlin’s anticipated book release postponed

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We heard back from John Maudlin: “looks like next year, Mark — sorry to keep you waiting”


After waiting nearly a year for John Maudlin’s anticipated “Eavesdropping on Millionaires: Secrets of the World’s Wealthiest Investors”, I received word today via Amazon that the release has been canceled:

Hello from Amazon.ca.

We’re sorry to report the release of the following item has been cancelled:

John F. Mauldin, Tiffani Mauldin “Eavesdropping on Millionaires: Secrets of the World’s Wealthiest Investors”

Although we’d expected to be able to send this item to you, we’ve since found it won’t be released after all.  Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience we’ve caused you.

We’ve cancelled this item from your order.

No idea why the book has been shelved. Maybe we can get a comment from the man himself.

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