Forget “Manifesting Money”, how about Getting Rich?

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OH NO! I’m about to pick on Steve Pavlina again, I resolved to lay off for awhile, but then he went and posted “How to Manifest Money”, and really…it’s not like I have a choice in the matter now. In it, he advises Playfulness (vis-a-vis, your relationship with money), Knowing (that the money is already there), Detachment (as opposed to desperation), Power, Upgrading, and Congruency (in your beliefs, no wait, in the “vibes your putting out”) – and relates the program in action as he teaches his 10 year old daughter how to forage for loose change on the ground…apparently Steve is a master at it (my daughter is 4 and I’m teaching her chess, linux and how to read a statement of cashflows…)

Anyway, fuck all that new age crap. Even though some of it is true. Forget needing some cash fast to make rent/mortgage/crack/gambling debts whatever, what you really want is to never have to worry about money again. You want financial independence, you want to be rich. Here’s how you do exactly that:

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