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A Compliant Populace

Don’t misunderstand, The System isn’t a shadowy conspiracy of hooded villains plotting everything. There is a certain amount of wisdom behind the old adage “Never blame on conspiracy what can be explained by stupidity”.

The System is the result of certain logical outcomes of human nature which has been iteratively exploited by certain predator-type personalities. Expediency, short-term thinking and a desire to externalize responsibility for one’s actions creates an operating logic all its own and creates conditions conducive to these forces.

[The System], you see, operates in a way that is similar to computer operating shells. While the shell does not directly dictate activities within its subsystems, it does impose a system logic and operational route map. The system logic either reserves and then conventionalizes design decisions – from the most conventional level right through to primary concepts – or it prevents specific decisions from being made.
The Public Eye (An Investigation Into The Disappearance of the World, Brian Fawcett 1990)

Those with sociopathic  proclivities gravitate toward the top-end of The System, those more docile and pliable fill out the lower tiers of the ponzi.

A small but growing minority of sovereign individuals stand apart from The System. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become one of them.

To do so, stop being a sheep.

The most revolutionary act you can commit internally is to take personal responsibility for every aspect of your own life and to live consciously as much as possible. Shed your addictions, swear off soma and start self-actualizing.

The most revolutionary act you can commit externally is to start your own business (even one on the side) and to become financially unleveraged, literate and independent.

Put a price on your fealty. A price not in monetary terms, but ethical ones. From now on loyalty is not something you unquestioningly surrender as an accident of birth, skin color or creed. Patriotism is now obsolete. You will no longer pledge into a corrupt system – if somebody or some thing wants your loyalty, they’ll have to earn it.

From there you help others do the same and one by one, cell by cell, larger groups of the sheep go into self-imposed exile from the herd.

If enough people can do this, (and can resist the temptations of being co-opted), then The System will eventually lose all relevancy and implode. This will probably take about 20 to 40 years to unfold and in the meantime there will be a strong, counter-evolutionary trend toward authoritarianism / totalitarianism (Bertrand Gross’ Friendly Fascism), collectivism and kleptocratic faux-capitalist brand socialism (none of which is to be confused with genuine real-world or virtual community.)

There is a long dark period ahead to slog through, are you up for it?





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