The 5 Deep State Scenarios of Donald Trump

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I’ve never really bought this “loose canon / anti-establishment” candidate schtick. It looks like yet another con-job on the masses….The question is, which con is being run?

It truly boggles the mind that we are living in a world where we are facing an election for the world’s most important spokesmodel and the candidates will be Donald Trump (narcissistic, serial bankrupt) and Hillary Clinton (known racketeer and influence peddler).

The rise of Trump has captivated all (contrast with the rise of Hillary which seemed a forgone conclusion from the word go, even when reality threatened to intervene….), it seems so freakish.

I’m not alone however, in suspecting that The Donald, is not really the “anti-establishment” loose-canon candidate he is being made out to be.

Trump could very well be playing a well defined role within the usual backdrop of manipulation of the masses and ensuring that any choice Americans face in November is purely illusory and ceremonial.

Let’s look at 5 possible scenarios that could explain the phenom.

#1: Trump is there to clear the path for Hillary Clinton


This was the first theory posited by  Catherine Austin Fitts over at Solari Report: that Trump was there to neutralize the other Republican challengers to pave the way for Hillary Clinton to win the election.

It is still possible that this is what is happening, given that Trump is now the Republican nominee he is being held out by most mainstream media as some kind of “Unthinkable Scenario”. It now hinges on the idea that the public finds the spectre of a Trump presidency something to be avoided at all costs, thus putting the voters behind whoever isn’t Trump. Which, given the mainstream media’s recent complicity in hijacking the Dems nomination process, will be Hillary.

Seeing that Bill Clinton had at least one back channel conversation with Trump prior  to his entering the race, this scenario looks plausible:

“The talk with Clinton — the spouse of the Democratic presidential front-runner and one of his party’s preeminent political strategists — came just weeks before Trump jumped into the GOP race and surged to the front of the crowded Republican field.”

The Clintons at the Donald's wedding in Palm Beach, 2005. They look cosy, don't they?

The Clintons at the Donald’s wedding in Palm Beach, 2005. They look cosy, don’t they?

#2: The purpose of Trump was to make Jeb Bush look electable

The entire world knows that the US needed another Bush presidency like it needs a third world war or a flu pandemic, yet Mr. Global wanted to make sure they (as usual) had “their kind of peeps” on either side of the equation. Hillary on the Dems side, check.

On the Republican side it wasn’t so clear cut. The batch of contenders put forward by the GOP this cycle came across as so utterly sociopathic and balls-out nuts it didn’t even look like they were trying to appear credible. Under this scenario Trump was there to make sure none of those whack jobs (Cruz, Carson, Fiorina) got anywhere close by simply out-cray-cray-ing them all, and he would thereby  make the blandest, least charismatic and most heavily tainted with well deserved crappy baggage (Bush) look appealing to voters.

This scenario breaks out into two sub-scenarios:

Sub-scenario A): Trump goes off-script and steals all the marbles

Ever seen the movie “Power Play” with Peter O’Toole? He plays a tank commander recruited into a military coup in some hypothetical Eastern European nation with an abysmal human rights record. Only O’Toole executes a “coup-within-a-coup”:  No sooner is the president deposed by the plotters does O’Toole tie the leader of the coup, the presumptive new president, to a stake right beside the deposed government and they all face the firing squads together. O’Toole is now in charge.

Something like this may have played out under this model. Trump was originally in play to neutralize the Republican clown squad and then decided to go for all the marbles anyway.

Sub-scenario B): Jeb’s implosion leads to “Plan B”, time to improvise

In this sub-scenario, early indicators were that even with all the Bush crime family’s apparatus behind him, it wouldn’t be enough to make the country bend over and say “ahhh” for another Bush presidency. Bush II was just that bad.

With Jeb out so early (gunning for a VP ride perhaps?) the GOP now has to improvise, or fall back on a “Plan B”:

#3: The Republicans are running a brilliant “unmarketing” gambit

Histrionics sells. Scandal sells. Reverse psychology works. The Republicans have a lot of baggage. They have names like: Nixon, Bush, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Dennis Hastert and this year it looks like they emptied out a looney bin to fill out their roster:

  • Ben Carson: Believes evolution is a Satanic conspiracy.
  • Ted Cruz: So rabidly anti-gay it’s possible he’s secretly gay.
  • Carly Fiorini: Lists “Wrecking HP” on her resume as career accomplishment.
  • Rick Santorum: is Rick Santorum.


The rest of the slate was an homogeneous puree of uninspiring sludge, out of which Jeb Bush was presumably “the anointed one” on the GOP side of the race.

It didn’t take Republican strategists long to understand that no conventional track would lead them to the White House, even if they were running against a congenitally corrupt sociopath like Hillary Clinton.

No, the GOP needed to think outside the box, they needed to be bold, and why not run the tried-and-true Reverse Psychology play? Put in The Donald and immediately start screaming hysterically that this man “does not represent the Republican Party” and wildly denounce him?

If Trump was a punk rock band he would be certified multi-platinum by now. November is his shot at a Grammy. And the crazy thing is it could totally work. The Republican elders may very well be laughing their asses off when they’re off camera.

So we put in Trump and then we totally Freaked Out and said "We can't back this nutcase!"

So then we put in Trump and acted all freaked out  and it totally worked…

#4: Trump is just another Obama

I’ve already said it, I don’t buy this “anti-establishment” narrative for a couple of reasons:

  • Obama was also, in his own way “anti-establishment” and look where that went. Nowhere. If ever there was a illustrative demonstration of the term “linear extrapolation” the entire Obama presidency is it. “Change you could only believe in”.
  • If Trump truly posed a threat to the establishment, he would have been neutralized by now. Certainly before he became The Nominee. The Republicans are masters at that and they would of come up with something that would stick (i.e body of an underage hooker in the trunk of his car, whatever).


It is important to watch who lands in key positions around Trump as we head toward a possible presidency. Steve Mnuchin, for example, is his campaign finance chairman. He’s a former partner at Goldman Sachs and worked for George Soros.  You can’t get much more “Establishment” than Ye Olde Vampyre Squid.


Perhaps Trump is tapping Mnuchin because he has prior experience as a fund manager on presidential runs, in 2008 he worked for …Hillary Clinton. The rest of his organization looks well-heeled inside the Beltway, these guys aren’t anti-establishment outsiders. These guys are the establishment, or at least they’re a crew of establishment fixers.

#5: Trump is setting the stage to make a military coup look palatable

It’s not as if a military coup hasn’t been planned and attempted before: “The Businessman’s Plot” wasn’t even that long ago, where a bunch of bankers (who else) got together with some corrupt senators (like Prescott Bush) and tried to recruit the most decorated military general in history: Smedley Butler to overthrow Roosevelt in 1933. Butler went along with it long enough to blow the whistle on them and derailed the whole deal. He went on to pen “War is a Racket”, which it is.

A Trump presidency could go one of two ways:

Either he is like the rest, and merely carries on implementing agendas which have been decided behind the scenes and would be carried out regardless of which party wins in November (TPP, globalisation, Bretton Woods II, Common Core, etc), OR he continues pulling The Nutjob Act.

I think this latter path is the remotest and most immediately dire scenario. Because if he does the latter, we could be playing out scenario 5: Softening us up for a military coup.

Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden  exemplifies  these initial hints at military recalcitrance in heeding some “Mad King’s” crazy edicts. Be on guard for more subtle pre-positioning of the military in the role of the calm, helpful fatherly adult supervision that may need to step in and take the toys away should El Presidente go too far. For our own good.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.30.58 PM

As has been observed in popular culture: This is how Liberty dies… with thunderous applause. A coup d’etat goes a lot easier when the populace is hoping for one.

I started writing this a couple weeks ago, before Hillary swindled the Democratic primaries to become “The presumptive nominee” (don’t get me wrong, not a Bernie Sanders fan either), I was favouring Scenario #1 already and I am calling that the most likely one with a minor twist: Trump may have entered the race at the Clinton’s behest to “white out” the rest of the Republican field, but he may double-cross them and try for the whole enchilada.

Who could have possibly seen that coming?

Bonus Scenario (#6 – The “Small Time Crooks” Scenario)

“Small Time Crooks” was a light-hearted Woody Allen flick (I once took a  very attractive, vivacious woman to see it for our first date and the rest is history, married 14 years and counting….), wherein a gang of thieves plan a bank heist. They rent a store adjacent to the bank to commence their tunnelling operation; for cover they setup a cookie shop in the rented space. Unexpectedly for all, the cookies become a sensation and a snack food empire commences a meteoric rise out of the ashes of their, now scuttled, heist operation.

Something similar could have happened on the road to the White House this year…. a loud, attention getting maniac let loose to distract everybody’s attention from the true aims of somebody’s underlying agenda may have taken on a life of it’s own. Only we’re dealing with much bigger crooks.

2 responses to “The 5 Deep State Scenarios of Donald Trump”

  1. muppet says:

    epic, I felt this way a year ago, but some where in time and the speaker of media alternative and mainstream I came to belibeve trump was legit …. this article is a soboring reality check, and the picture speaks volumes.

  2. Peter Verkooijen says:

    1. Rich kid New York billionaire wants to be like Rockefeller, decides he should run for President. His former President buddy Bill Clinton tells him to go for it in a phone call two weeks before he announces his run.

    2. Trump runs like he thinks a Republican would run. He picks Mobile, Alabama – armpit of the deep south, racist redneck hick central from the New York perspective – as the location for his first big political rally. Trump becomes a caricature of a Republican.

    3. Internet trolls from the Hillary Clinton campaign and broader progressive movement join in on the fun and flood the online comment sections with crazy racist support for Trump. Crazy clueless conservatives take the bait and start echo the trolls’ talking points.

    4. The 2016 election is now about “taking down the GOP establishment”. Scared to be left behind, Fox News and the northeastern conservative media join the “populist revolt”. The New York billionaire friend of Bill and Hillary becomes the champion of flyover country and the embattled middle class.

    5. Trump is now stuck with this. He wants to win, but has no interest in actually being President. He implodes in the general election – like so many of his business ventures. Hillary Clinton moves into the White House.

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