You Need to Hear: David A. Stockman on “Peak Trump”

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Our latest audiobook is David A Stockman’s “Peak Trump: The Undrainable Swamp and the Fantasy of MAGA”.
It’s an amazing read, Stockman has seen the machinations of the US government from the inside as the erstwhile youngest congressman ever elected (until AOC) and was Reagan’s head of MBO.
This book takes no prisoners. Carefully balancing an expose on the failures of the political class which led to Trump’s election, while simultaneously excoriating The Donald for his myriad missteps and failures.
Carefully note, that this is not a “Never Trump / Orange Man Bad” rant. It’s an incisive expose into a system rigged to preclude any real reforms, now ostensibly being led by a clueless narcissist who is finding that the byzantine workings of The Swamp are far more complex and ingrained for a reality TV star to master, and how that will affect us all.

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