Torn: A Forensic Romance

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Ripped apart by duty. Reunited to solve a military drug-dealing murder.

In the city of Westbury, FORENSIC INVESTIGATOR SAVANNA JONES keeps criminals off the streets by any means necessary. So her husband’s narcissistic ultimatum just got put on hold when she must find the missing body for the arm she literally stumbles over. But catching this killer won’t be easy when the trail brings her face to face with a decade-old regret.

LIEUTENANT COLONEL NICHOLAS WADE refuses to rest in the face of injustice. So when his dead compatriot’s honour is dragged through the mud, and the drug-dealing murderer goes free, he vows to bring the truth to light. But his quest becomes hot and heavy when he must join forces with a long-lost lover in an alliance that stirs forgotten passions.

As Nicholas and Savanna’s investigations intertwine, so too do their hearts. But complications with the horrific crimes and a devastating, decade-old secret threaten to annihilate their trust, their love –their lives. Can they untangle the complex history that binds them before an assassin tears their world apart?

If you like passionate tales of redemption and CSI mystery, then you’ll love Angela Applewhite’s hard-hitting thriller.

“TORN is a steamy romance with enough CSI-style mystery to keep the pages from melting. The story is entertaining and engaging until the end, with likeable, fully-human characters and a lively plot.”
Catherine Langrehr – IndieReader

“I loved the love story in between the killings. It was unique and kept my attention.”
Goodreads Review

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