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Live tweeting from #CryptoCurrencyCon in Atlanta

Mark Jeftovic
By Mark Jeftovic / October 5, 2013

I’ll do my best to live tweet from CryptoCurrencyCon in Atlanta. Right now Jeffery Tucker is giving opening remarks.

Follow me on twitter at @WealthdotNet I’ll be using hashtag #cryptocurrencycon

Just before the conference started I was given a real 10 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe banknote which has been cryptographically grafted to a new crypto currency called ZimCoin – which is pretty cool if you ask me.


About the author

Mark Jeftovic

Mark Jeftovic is the creator of Wealth.net, founder and CEO of Canadian domain registrar and DNS provider easyDNS.com and member of the indie rock sensations The Parkdale Hookers.

His personal blog is at markable.com

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